Its for the birds

Good day good people. You are witnessing the result of months of intense work and dedication by the Toledo Urban League staff and their  bright vision of the future for the community and our supporters. We are in the midst of a grand restructuring on all fronts. This is just a single part of the BIG picture which goeas along with our other transformations including: Our new location; Our new web site; Our new programs and our new attitude.

As the webmaster I plan to keep you informed of the changes and improvements in relation to the new website and this blog. We plan on expanding our “digital presenece” into some bits of unexplored territority technically striving to mirror the current presidential administrations digital “connectiveness” which can no longer be called a fad.

The overall purpose of this blog will now be communicate the living activities and happenings of the Toledo Urban League and the website will now serve as a staic capsule of the overall goals and objectives of our fine organization.

Feel free to look around and leave comments and ideas on the topics and stories you find here. We hope to keep this consistently updated but your feedback with be the gas that drives our content.

Thank you again for your support.

Jermaine A. Young

Greater TOledo Urban League Annual Dinner 2009

Greater Toledo Urban League Annual Dinner 2009

  • Who: Greater Toledo Urban League
  • What: 12 Annual Greater Toledo Urban League Dinner Banquet
  • When: March 12, web 2009 7pm-9pm
  • Where: Parkway Place [2592 Parkway Plaza Maumee, remedy Ohio]

To find out more about ticket information or to reserve a spot in our ad book please call (419) 243-3343.

Doni Miller speaks with members of the Greater Toledo Urban League including the president and CEO John C. Jones, more about the Director of Workforce Development Brandon Tucker, website like this and Employment Coach Phillip Cunningham. Today, they focus on the rising numbers of unemployment among African Americans. Courtesy of 13abc

Spring is in the air. The birds are singing. The sun is shining. The world is fresh and new. So while on the subject of fresh and new let’s talk about what we’ve got going on here.



  1. Number 1, cheap if you haven’t already checked it out, price we are beginning to draw a small following over on the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter. Imagine Twitter as being like our little mocking bird spreading the positive messages of the league far and beyond anywhere we could reach on our own. So, thank you to all of our followers who support us in the real world and online. If you would like to become a follower please visit
  2. We are also on Facebook. To become a fan of The Greater Toledo Urban League log in to your Facebook account and visit for more information.
  3. Lastly we are in the process of engaging active community members to be a part of our development committee. The development committee will be a small group of individuals who are active in the community and understand the basic mission and vision of the Urban League. Their ultimate goal will be to mold the message of the league into a consumer friendly package that will stay on the minds and lips of the people we serve. This committee is solely responsible for helping us get the word out about what we do and why we do it. If you are interested visit our contact page and leave us your full details so we can contact you.

That is all for now. There is a lot more in the works and just around the bend. If  you have any ideas or questions feel free to shoot us an email or visit our contact page to shoot us a message.