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What is our approach.

The Greater Toledo Urban League has adopted the National Urban League’s five-point approach of empowerment. We focus on the areas of economic empowerment, web educational opportunities and the guarantee of civil rights for African Americans and the disadvantaged. Our programs and services provide equal opportunity for all disadvantaged people through community engagement and grassroots advocacy.

A few of our services include:



For a full list of our programs and services visit our Services Page.


[fancy_box] [dropcap1]1[/dropcap1]Education and Youth Empowerment ensures the education of all children by providing access to early childhood literacy, side effects and after-care programs.

All that we do as adults is built on a foundation of education. The primary focus of our organization is on equal opportunity education for all students. We offer a wide range of educational programs that serve youth and adults. Our programs are designed to compliment the current trends and climate of the modern workforce and are built to level the playing field for minorities and those that are disadvantaged.

[dropcap1]2[/dropcap1]Economic Empowerment invests in the financial literacy and employability of adults through job training, see homeownership and entrepreneurship.

In our modern economy it is even more critical that we properly train and assist those in need of employment to get the skills and experience needed to be successful in the workforce. We have extensive programming and staff resources available to achieve the very ambitious goal of turning the unemployment rate of Toledo on its head. We currently service clients seeking employment and offer one on one assistance to help them over come any barriers they may have.

[dropcap1]3[/dropcap1]Health and Quality of Life Empowerment promotes community wellness through a focus on prevention, including fitness, healthy eating and access to affordable healthcare.

Nothing is more important than living a happy, healthy, and full life. We offer senior services, health awareness and youth activity programs in order to help improve the quality of life in the Toledo community and beyond. Our programs, partnered with local community organizations focus on improving the entire being (mind, body, and spirit) while encouraging people of all ages to reach their full potential as a productive addition to their community.


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