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As we work toward a world where every child has an equal opportunity for success, cheapest we cannot ignore the disparities that exist in our education system. While the national graduation rate has climbed to a still less than acceptable 71 percent, more about the average high school graduation rate in the nation’s 50 largest cities stands at a devastatingly low 53 percent – an 18 percent gap.  In some cities, including Indianapolis, Cleveland and Detroit, graduation rates are less than 40 percent. Urban students in some areas have graduation rates at least 35 percentage points lower than their suburban neighbors. Continue reading

A Spirit Remembered

Doni Miller speaks with members of the Greater Toledo Urban League including the president and CEO John C. Jones, health visit web the Director of Workforce Development Brandon Tucker, and and Employment Coach Phillip Cunningham. Today, they focus on the rising numbers of unemployment among African Americans. Courtesy of 13abc

Statement by John C. Jones, viagra order President and C.E.O.

of the Greater Toledo Urban League

on the passing of Dr. Robert Brundage

The Greater Toledo Urban League, for sale its Board of Directors, look Staff and Volunteers mourn the passing of Dr. Robert Brundage.  An educator, environmentalist, community activist, community leader, musician and champion of children and the underserved, his passing will create a stark void in the Toledo community.  He was always active and visible, serving on a plethora of boards and working tirelessly within many community organizations.  Everyone that had opportunity to meet and engage in dialogue with Dr. Brundage could feel not only his passion for people, but his desire to see Toledo become a thriving community of equality, social justice, educational excellence and economic vitality.

It pains us at the Urban League how Dr. Brundage met this tragic end.  Without question, the young man that attacked Dr. Brundage, at age 15, should be held accountable for his actions.  However, this one act leaves open the door that yet again exposes greater issues that must be addressed.  Make no mistake; the answer is not as simple as “he was a bad kid”.  We as a community must dig deeper to address and confront the areas of dysfunction that surround our youth, from families to institutions to individuals.

We at the Urban League welcome the discussion around helping and empowering our youth to make positive choices, manage their situations, and model behavior that ends in transformational change within this community.  Let us use the example of Dr. Brundage’s life as a springboard that creates a lasting impact on the lives of all Toledoans, particularly its youth.

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In Your Face

Its almost time to bring out the barbecue grills and the volley ball nets, visit this boy does time fly,because summer is nearly in full swing. This update is probably a little behind schedule but that is because we have been working so hard around here that we didn’t have time to tell you about all the work we have been doing. So in case you haven’t noticed we’ve got a lot of things on the table that are really building our momentum and propelling the Greater Toledo Urban League that you know up into orbit with the best of them. We have really stepped up in a lot of areas that people are now, finally, beginning to notice.

First and foremost, our public exposure as far as the media and community events is concerned, has really taken off and now almost anyone with a T.V. and a couple minutes to spare has either seen us on Bridges or heard about one or more of the events that we were recently involved with. To compliment that effort we have really really stepped up our online web 2.0 efforts in order to make everything about us more search-able and web friendly for the benefit of those non-T.V watching web surfers. We are certainly well on our way to the self imposed challenge of being the best in the field when it comes to brand recognition and organization clarity (and we definitely have some heavy competition).

So this is  the point where  we ask for your help. So far this blog itself stands as our primary tool when it comes to passing on the internal information of our organization but in case you haven’t noticed it is still somewhat naked. We need you and everyone you know to visit our blog and actively participate in the community elements of this online world. We need everything from comments, discussions, and good old fashioned debates to guest authors, news submissions and insider community event updates. There is a lot going on in our fair little town and a good portion of the events are poorly attended simply based on the fact of lack of exposure. We are hoping to position ourselves as an outlet or hub for all things non profit and community. Its a big feat to take on but if we, in a single weekend, can generate 219 fans on a face book page that was designed and finalized by one guy on a Friday afternoon one hour before the end of the workday then with a collaborative effort strategically planed and established by a full community of concerned citizens willing to invest and sacrifice their money and time for the benefit of the city as a whole then we can surely take over the world. Just something to think about.

So as we move forward we only ask that now that we have made our presence known and our intentions clear that you, the community, help us to take our message further than we alone can do. There is much more work to be done but its gonna take a lot more than we can ever hope to do alone. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us up to now. We love you all.

Be sure to follow us wherever you can. We are working to be everywhere we need to be to make sure the method and message of The Greater Toledo Urban League is heard and seen loud and clear.