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The debate about how to fix the nation’s health care system continues in Congress and in the courts. Meanwhile, story more than 19% of black Americans and 30 percent of Latinos lack health insurance. The disparities in economic opportunity and health-care are reflected in the childhood obesity epidemic among minority populations – among black children ages 6-11, 18.6% of boys and 24% of girls are overweight and among Hispanic children, it is 27.5% for boys and 19.7% for girls. For white children, the corresponding numbers are 15.5% for boys and 14.4% for girls.

The National Urban League’s Health and Quality of Live division delivers sustainable programs to underserved communities that create greater access to healthcare and advocate for the elimination of health disparities.  The Save Our Sons and Remarkable Woman programs offer workshops, symposiums, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles.  The National Urban League is designated one of 14 National Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative Sites by the Centers for Disease Control, with awareness campaigns and education efforts offered in several affiliate cities around the country.  Other League programs address childhood obesity, assist with navigation through the health care system and provide free screenings for diabetes, hypertension, blood glucose levels, bone density and body mass index.

With your donation, the National Urban League and our affiliates can not only continue to offer programs that keep people healthy, but also fight for access to affordable care when people do become sick.

May your holiday season be healthy and happy!

Your friends at the National Urban League

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