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Action Alert! Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits.



Issue: Congress returns from its extended mid-term election recess today, November 15th. If Members don’treauthorize existing unemployment insurance (UI) benefits by November 30th, approximately 2 million U.S. workers – in December alone – will prematurely lose this crucial lifeline in the middle of the holiday season!

Action Needed

  • Participate in a National Call-In Day on Tuesday, November 16th. The tool-free number is 1-866-606-1189 and you’ll be patched through to your Congressional members. Urge them to extend UI benefits through December 2011 in light of the slow economic recovery. [See attached Talking Points to assist you.]
  • Sign a PETITON TO CONGRESS by logging on to a special UI initiative by the National Employment Law Project (NELP):
  • Provide unemployed workers the opportunity to tell their Personal Stories by directing them to the following special project by the National Unemployment Law Project (NELP):
  • Share this Action Alert with your local community contacts to generate further calls, sign petitions and share personal stories of the unemployed.

Talking Points

 Unemployment benefits have kept 3.3 million Americans (including 1 million children) from falling into poverty in 2009 alone!

 The average unemployment check is only $293 a week, covering less than half of the average family’s expenses for food, housing and transportation!

 Hardworking Americans have paid into the UI system their entire working lives – it should be there when Americans need it!

 Jobs are so scarce that if someone could wave a magic wand and instantly fill every job opening with someone who is unemployed, 4 out of 5 of the unemployed would still be out of work!

 UI payments are good for business – they go right back into the economy, bolstering local businesses and saving jobs! The retail sector will take a major hit during this critical holiday season if Congress lets the UI program expire!

Download the PDF and share amongst your peers. Action Alert Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits Nov 15 2010

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